We Make Wood New

Log home repair and restoration in Ontario, Canada

New Wood Restoration uses a mix of passion and technology to restore and recondition your wood to reverse the damage and let your home stand proud and strong for many more years to come.

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The New Wood Experience

We celebrate the log home lifestyle, whether it be cottages, cabins, chalets, or wood and log homes. 

Did you know? 70% of our clientele think their homes are beyond repair. We’re here to tell you that it’s likely not the case at all!

Our History

With 7 years experience, New Wood is your trusted partner in wood restoration.

Our Technology

We have access to many forms of media to use depending on the severity of the damage and type and age of wood and finishes of your project.

Working Together

Let’s transform your dilapidated home into your dream house.

News & Events

Keep up with New Wood on our blog. We’ll share special offers, upcoming events, and tips to keep your log home at its best.

Are you looking for wood or log home restoration, help with an infestation, removing black mould, or restaining and resealing? We are here to help you out.