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About Media blasting process

Media blasting is a process that uses a high level of PSI (Pounds per square inch), these high pressures are produced by using a diesel-powered tow behind air compressor. Pressured air is used to blast pieces of a abrasive material (A.K.A blast media/sand) out the end of a nozzle. The force of the blast media/sand can strip stain/sealer, paint, mold/mildew and all other types of coatings/blemishes from virtually any type of surface. Think of pressure washing but using small particles instead of water.

What is the difference between Sandblasting Vs. Media blasting?

Well, it all relates back to a very important part of our business and that's SAFETY!

Why sand is no longer used for blasting?

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    A) Abrasive sands contained Crystalline Silica which can cause serious or fatal respiratory illness.

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    B) Why media Vs. Sand?. Silica found in sand (Sandblasting) has been replaced by many different
    forms of blast media such as Grit blast, Glass bead, Plastic bead, Walnut shells and other medias.

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    C) Our speciality being Log/Wood homes, Cottages, Summer homes, Chalets, Cabins, Resorts, Lodges and all other types of structures. New Wood Restoration prefers to use a 60-140 Recycled glass blast media (As fine as table salt in the palm of your hand) this has proven to be a very effective, safe and delicate method to remove existing Stain/Sealer, Mold/Mildew from any type of Log/Wood structure.


What is Mill Glaze? Why should Mill Glaze be removed?

Mill glaze is caused in the production process of your Log/Wood materials used to build your structure, mainly caused by Cutting/Sawing. Mill glaze actually closes the grains/pores of the Log/Wood and prevents stain/sealer from penetrating. Media blasting is mostly important on New Builds considering many new builds skip the very important stage of removing the Mill glaze by media blasting them during the construction stage. New Wood Restoration has physically witnessed a number of new Log/Wood homes where virtually the Stain/Sealer could simply be removed from the surface using a pinkie finger with for little strength involved.

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Why media blast your Log/Wood prior to Staining/Sealing?

  • Environmentally Friendly Product

    As explained above in regards to Mill Glaze. Media blasting by using an environmentally friendly product will Safely, quickly and effectively remove all the Mill Glaze allowing Stain/Sealer to adhere into the Log/Wood avoiding costly maintenance coats, Insect/Rodent infestation, Mold/Mildew, Weather-related damages and Moisture issues that can relate to costly Log Repair/Replacement