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Damage Restoration

Cleaning up after a fire requires fast action. If restorative measures aren't taken quickly, smoke damage will be lasting and soot will continue to settle on surfaces and create further damage to both the structure and the contents of your home.

Our Unique approach

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    Restore what’s been damaged from smoke, not what the fire has damaged.

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    We work with the builder and the structural engineer to assess the scope of the damage. 

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    To restore wood we blast the black off of it and recoat it with a brand paint to eliminate any odour that has been absorbed.

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    Brick and concrete requires a more cosmetic approach. We blast the smoke damaged area to blend it back in with the undamaged brick.

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    Even Stone fireplaces that have been used for many years can be blasted to remove the damaged surface, making it look new again.

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    When dealing with steel or aluminium we take a different approach. First we media blast the building to remove any fire damaged portions, and then we re-coat it, bringing the structure back to life.

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Make it Home Again

  • Soot Removal

    We will media blast with whatever media is required to remove soot depending on what surface the fire damage is on, whether it be brick, concrete, or wood

  • Professional Assessment

    Assess damage alongside a structural engineer

  • Odour Elimination

    Recoat the surface to eliminate odour