Staining/Sealing your Log/Wood home is not all about aesthetics. It is an essential protection to help the exterior last a lifetime of your home.

If your Logs/Wood is new they may have what they call Mill Glaze, proper preparation is the upmost important part. In order for Stain/Sealer to adhere properly, this Mill Glaze must be removed. New Wood Restoration has numerous methods to properly and effectively remove Mill Glaze providing proper penetration for all Stain/Sealers.

The most cost efficient and effective way to remove existing Stain/Sealer, Mold/Mildew properly preparing your Log/Wood structure for new Stain/Sealer is Media blasting. We use a different variety of recycled materials (Media) to accomplish the proper preparation. We adjust medias based on what is being removed from your Log/Wood structure. New Wood Restoration will know exactly what product to use after a short site visit with you when going over the details of your up-and-coming project. (Please see New Woods Media Blasting section under services). 

By Staining/Sealing your Log/Wood home properly you avoid many costly repairs down the road.

Anything from Mold/Mildew, Insect infestation, Water damage which leads to rot and even in some cases the damage caused by Woodpeckers/Rodents. With New Woods vast experience all of the above has been witnessed firsthand on many different site visits. Staining/Sealing your log home properly also protects from UV, Harsh Weather Elements and Pollen/Dirt.

At New Wood Restoration we exclusively use a Canadian product out of Richmond, British Columbia Canada, Timber Pro Coatings. This is a premium product that has proven repeatedly that its formula and breathability outperform all other products on the market.

Staining Log Wood Home Product

Please contact New Wood Restoration with any questions or concerns in regards to your up and coming Log/Wood home project.